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A New Educational Era.

At Lumicademy, we believe there’s a better way to connect people online. Our goal is to unify the virtual classroom experience, providing a modular and customizable solution to education industries and corporate organizations. We’re excited to bring the authenticity of face-to-face relationships in a virtually-driven world.


Our Mission.



We’re passionate in transforming the virtual classroom and simplify the user experience.



Our focus is on giving developers the opportunity to combine an app-like collaborative experience with their existing web-based LMS into a unified virtual classroom interface.



We are constantly adapting to stay on the forefront of emerging technologies to ensure a modernized learning environment, fusing current educational systems with trusted reimagined technology.


Meet the team.


Allen Drennan

Allen Drennan, founder of Nefsis Corporation, introduced a cloud-based, video conferencing online service, which Frost and Sullivan cited as the first “conferencing service solution based on the technologies of cloud-computing, end-to-end parallel processing and multipoint video conferencing.”

Started Lumicademy in October of 2017, Allen brought together the team of senior engineers who created Nefsis and OmniJoin to create the next generation of virtual classroom technology.

Lead Software Engineer

Erik van Bilsen

Erik van Bilsen has over 20 years of experience as a professional software engineer. At Nefsis, Erik was responsible for developing the core technologies that made up the Web and Video Conferencing software. Now at Lumicademy, Erik uses his GPU programming expertise to build dynamic user interfaces and modernize collaborative features.

Head of Growth

Japhet Cantos

With over 15 years leading in customer success growth, Japhet Cantos has managed various phases of customer lifecycles. He inspires best-in-class teams and building scalable processes that foster organizational success. He also has repeatedly driven higher retention rates through a curated customer journey in pursuit of continuously improving and refining the principles of People, Process, Trust and Self-Awareness.

Minister of Plenty

Scott Estabrook

Scott Estabrook built his career around computer software for over 10 years. After working as a quality assurance engineer for Nefsis, Scott moved on and diversified his expertise in cloud configuration management, continuous delivery, deployment and build automation. At Lumicademy, he continues to fill the gaps in software cloud management and handling performance, load, and reliability testing.

Lead Visual Designer

Lily Pham

Lily Pham has been visually designing for over 5 years. Working with a team of web designers at Sprint Prepaid Brands, she was responsible for creating and designing marketing materials. Lily continues to use her professional skills to establish the look and feel for various interfaces, Design user-centered wireframes and screen mockups, as well as conceptualize brand identity for Lumicademy.

Software Engineer

Borys Blank

With over 15 years in business software development, Borys Blank is highly skilled in all aspects of the development lifecycle. He teams up alongside the Lumicademy team to elevate existing collaborative technology and consistently applies best practices, analyzes requirements, and troubleshooting for solutions. He continuously improves the product to deliver elegant virtual classroom experiences.

Principal Web Developer

Josh DePonte

Josh DePonte has been working in web development for over 4 years. With prior experience in the online education industry, Josh was responsible in producing responsive, mobile-first web applications for several clients with unique custom designs. A great addition to Lumicademy, he carries his self-taught expertise of React and Node.js to build and improve on user interfaces including client-side web experiences.

Marketing Content Brand Manager

Patricia Dixon

Patricia is a digital branding and marketing adviser with a focus on content, social media and startup technology. She is a creative in brand strategy, company marketing communications, product growth and business connections for companies in retail, technology and IoT for over 20 years.

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