Why Lumicademy.

We at Lumicademy elevate your educational and training solution to the next level. Our safe and secure platform has all the extendable key features you need for real-time virtual classroom environments. Stay ahead of the ever-changing Edtech space by protecting your content on your own trusted network in a controlled learning environment.


Safe connections,
securely protected.

True security involves using industry accepted practices for encryption such as TLS 1.3 for video and DTLS for voice, but many products implement their own security protocols in the interest of performance.


Trusted private
cloud networks.

Enjoy operating your own cloud modules in the system by downloading the Lumicademy Server. All your conference room communications will be created, take place, and secured over your own network.

A platform at your control.

Lumicademy provides a depth of control that is needed to provide a smooth classroom-like experience virtually. Every aspect of what can be done in a meeting is available to control from our APIs, the developer web portal and the Lumicademy host control application.

A Crystal-Clear Solution

Enhance your virtual learning experience today

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Ready to power up your LMS? Try it and see for yourself.

Talk to an expert to view a demo or get access.

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