Real-Time Video and Audio Solutions for Online Collaboration

Real-time HD video and crystal clear audio features from Lumicademy deliver the tools for smooth online meetings and learning. See and hear the difference in online classrooms with these components in the Lumicademy platform.

HD quality video

Mac / PC / iOS / Android Compatibility

Lip-synced voice w/ Intelligent Noise Cancellation

MP4 Meeting Recording

HD screen sharing

Exportable Chat


We continually update our video and audio features so you have the best live video conferencing tools for meetings, collaboration, and learning. No matter where you are, you can access the latest in real-time video and audio solutions.

Precision Audio Settings

A half duplex audio option lets users control their own audio to help eliminate echo. Better audio noise and echo cancellation, as well as audio gain control improvements, help prevent background noise from being amplified during live sessions. Language learning online classrooms and HR training sessions benefit from a live & synced audio experience.

The Latest in Whiteboard, Annotation and Chat

Improved whiteboarding and text annotation, as well as robust chat features, bring rich detail to your collaboration and learning sessions. All languages and character sets included, along with additional image support, html export and emojis. Text tool can resize and optionally scale the text box, while an updated chat user interface lets participants keep the chat docked or floating.

Advanced Desktop and Mobile Interfaces

Our complete desktop and mobile editions provide increased useability along with the flexibility to work, meet or learn from anywhere. Mobile editions are now available for both iOS and Android systems.

Click here to view the Lumicademy real-time video and audio features available to improve your meetings and learning environments.


Enhance your virtual learning experience today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Ready to power up your LMS? Try it and see for yourself.

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