HubSpot Integration

Start your secure, HD video meeting in HubSpot

The Lumicademy platform is designed for your business, education, or training collaboration needs. Simply add Lumicademy to your HubSpot account and engage face-to-face, with high-quality video meetings and a full suite of collaboration tools that make your HubSpot workspace more efficient and productive.

It’s easy to start. Simply create a new meeting in HubSpot, click the video conference button from the dialog and we’ll take care of the rest.

Add to HubSpot

Integration Features

  • Real-time Documents and Screen Sharing
    Seamless integration for sharing over 70 document format types – no more scrambling to change files for your team. Share them immediately.
  • Document Annotation
    Need to markup and change documents in real time? Lumicademy provides easy to use annotation tools that get the documents you need changed while the whole team participates.
  • Whiteboarding
    Need to draw, design, or create great business or learning ideas? Utilize the Lumicademy whiteboarding features with easy-to-use tools, for quick and productive teamwork.
  • Recording
    Record meetings for later reference. View your collaboration information whenever you need it, with recorded video meetings.

Privacy & Security

Lumicademy provides your HubSpot teams and leads with secure, end-to-end encryption utilizing industry standard protocols. API driven efficient and easy-to-use, Lumicademy is the platform that supports business, education and training teams with the latest in video meeting collaboration.

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