Business Integrations for Real-Time Online Workplace Training and Collaboration

Add your favorite productivity apps to the Lumicademy platform and make your work seamless. Your favorite tools, combined with secure video conferencing, will bring an in-person feel to the office and classroom, along with real-time interaction and collaboration.

Integrated business apps make communication easier for workplace teams and colleagues, teachers and students. The industry’s best privacy and security standards keep your files and learning content safe with the Lumicademy platform solution.

Your favorite apps

Combine your favorite apps with the Lumicademy platform for seamless work experiences and live team collaboration. With over 3000 integrations currently available, your favorite productivity tools are ready to enhance your real-time video meetings and HR training.
Choose from popular integrations, including:




Automated productivity

Boost your business productivity with automated apps. The apps take care of functions automatically, so you can focus on your work. You can automate many common tasks, like adding a conference to your calendar, sending an email announcement or logging attendees in a spreadsheet as they arrive at a video conference.

Video features

Share, markup and collaborate on documents, draw or design on a shared whiteboard, record meetings, and chat in over 100 languages – all during a video conference you initiate right from HubSpot or Slack.


Expand your virtual learning experience with your favorite integrations today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

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