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Keep in sync wherever you are.

Distance Learning has many names: distributed learning, e-learning, online learning, virtual classroom … education reaching outside a physical school or institution. Achieve a brighter instructional or teaching future with our advanced collaboration features and check out how Lumicademy will transform your learning experience.

Synchronous Learning

Real-Time Learning Online.

Synchronous Learning definition: learning in real-time, but not necessarily in the same place.

To create the classroom experience, synchronous learning allows participants and instructors to interact in real-time as if they’re all in the same room. Through the Lumicademy platform, learners get to connect with their instructors and peers in a way that builds face-to-face interactions in an easy-to-use virtual learning interface.

Flexibility and Convenience

Participate in online discussions and face-to-face online video education from wherever you are


Immediate Feedback

Real-time interaction allows quick responses between participants and instructors, enhancing knowledge retention

Highly Motivating

Learning activities in real-time provide ongoing understanding, motivation, as well as encourage participation and active engagement

Fosters Community

Bring a sense of community with online collaboration – by leveraging breakout rooms, student and teachers can self organize into learning groups to exchange questions, formulate ideas, and understand course material


Genuine Interactions that Allow Real Connections.

Asynchronous learning definition: full responsibility of learning falls on the individuals – participants, students, learners.

Most online courses give students the control of learning at their own pace, but most asynchronous learning offers no live interaction or real-time collaboration opportunities. Learning online while on your own can feel isolating and less personal without the proper motivation. Lumicademy brings face-to-face interactions through the virtual classroom interface, providing an in touch learning environment while encouraging live collaboration.

Built in Features.

Rely on an interactive video classroom with our powerful collaboration tools, and bring the connection of active learning to classes across the globe.

Crystal Clear Video and Audio.

Build authentic & purposeful relationships with lip-synced voice and HD quality video.

Whiteboard and Annotation.

Instructors can encourage teamwork by drawing and writing together in the virtual classroom interface.

Screen Sharing.

Allow your learners to easily follow along with your session by HD screen sharing and enjoy the benefits of real-time teaching.

A Crystal-Clear Solution

Start Your Virtual Learning Journey Today.

Fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

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