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Corporate Training Standards are Changing.

The corporate world knows the value of effective team work, keeping up with industry changes, and retaining talent for a more productive work environment. Offer your unique online corporate training programs with Lumicademy.

Why Lumicademy

Investing in your Organization.

When your corporate training requires security and privacy protocols as well as being connected at any time, utilizing Lumicademy can ease the strain of busy public platforms, while securely providing end-to-end security for your meetings. Run on your own servers, private network and private cloud instead of a public cloud in just a few easy steps. Secure, Easy Meetings.

Why Lumicademy

Getting the most from your team on Slack.

If your team utitilizes Slack on a daily basis, connecting Lumicademy to your Slack workspace gives you an easy way to collaborate, annotate documents in real-time, and start a live meeting with only a simple command. It’s easy to start. Simply type our Slack Command “/lumiroom” followed by a name for your meeting and we’ll take care of the rest. No need to set up or leave Slack at all. You’ll be given a link to join the meeting right away.
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Built in Features.

Bring team building connection and active corporate training using Lumicademy’s live collaboration tools.

Crystal Clear Video and Audio.

Build authentic relationships with lip-synced voice and HD quality video.

Whiteboard and Annotation.

Instructors can bring their branded corporate training materials and encourage collaboration by drawing and writing together in the virtual classroom interface.

Screen Sharing.

Know that your employees are always current on the latest company information and training when they follow along with your sessions by HD screen sharing your training materials. Enjoy the benefits of real-time & efficient company teaching.

A Crystal-Clear Solution

Start Your Virtual Learning Journey Today.

Fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

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