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System Wide Virtual Learning Control

Lumicademy provides in-depth controls that are necessary for system administrators to run a smooth virtual classroom experience. Every aspect of meeting control and operation is available by utilizing our APIs, developer web portal and the Lumicademy host control application.

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Elevated approach to remote learning management

Managing the processes of online meetings and virtual classrooms are the most difficult parts for system administrators. Presenters need to present effectively, and attendees need to focus on listening and interacting with the learning content. To accomplish an effective remote learning experience, the administrator needs control over all of the finer aspects of the online experience. Having the access to handle technical video and audio issues, as well as device or disruption issues is critical to the user experience. Lumicademy provides built-in controls that can be managed by a moderator, third party administrator and even machine-based AI.

Take charge with your own control room

With the Lumicademy platform solution, you can deploy your own backend modules into your own secure cloud – all under your control. This includes all major aspects of the remote learning experience including video, audio, shared content and recording. These modules can be distributed in a way that allows you to create failover and load balanced, fault tolerant implementations as well as geo-located servers to provide maximum performance. Lumicademy provides you complete control over it all.

Carry out host control like never before

The API coverage of Lumicademy is very detailed for your benefit, and covers all aspects of users, conferences, device control, sharing content and much more. The Lumicademy development team spent significant time building an API-driven solution so that all aspects of the experience are controlled. The APIs are demonstrated using the developer portal or the host control application for Lumicademy.

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