How customized video learning solutions create a better learning experience

by | 12 Apr 2022

Advanced video conferencing tools support flexible solutions

In the hybrid work world, digital tools are critical to success. A mix of advanced tools are necessary for organizations to meet the needs of users and create an equitable and inclusive experience.  Video conferencing has become a key digital workplace tool for the majority of organizations, from small businesses to global enterprises. 

High-quality, advanced video tools are critical for hybrid and remote teams to connect with other team members as well as customers. Organizations need a combination of advanced tools to communicate and collaborate effectively and efficiently with team members to optimize the hybrid work experience. 

Video solutions can elevate a variety of collaborative activities beyond meetings. Team training sessions and other corporate learning, onboarding activities, presentations to clients and online events all benefit from flexible and versatile video learning solutions. 

But one size fits all video apps can’t deliver the high level of quality organizations need to communicate and collaborate effectively.  Organizations are more successful in teaching and training with video learning tools when they are able to customize their tools and solutions. Flexible feature options such as APIs can help organizations create the solution that best suits their needs. Customization allows organizations to offer their users an elevated and personalized experience. 

Main benefits of customized video conferencing solutions

Out-of-the-box video conferencing apps tend to be “one size fits all,” tools that do not offer the ability to customize administrative and user controls, features or options. As a result, organizations have less control over the way these video conferencing tools work and don’t have a lot of flexibility to set up or modify user access in these basic video conferencing apps. 

Customized video learning solutions, especially those that are education-specific, should be able to provide any organization with the ability to create solutions and experiences that are highly effective because of the personalization involved. 

What are some of the key areas that customized video learning and conferencing solutions are most effective? Here are some of the ways a customized solution creates a much better experience: 

Higher Quality Overall

Customized platform solutions tend to be of higher quality in all aspects – including HD quality video and crystal clear audio. Specialized or education-specific solutions often have the ability to support more advanced tools, including easy integration of learning management systems and workplace tools. Higher quality solutions will also support more advanced connections and seamless API integrations, elevating the learning or training experience. 

Designed to meet specifications and requirements

A customizable video conferencing solution allows organizations to incorporate only the features they want, while having access to all the controls they might need. More advanced video learning solutions also give administrators and educators greater control over video learning activities such as interactions between participants and instructors, access to content and presentations, as well as security features.  A customizable solution can be designed to meet specific industry requirements or standards as required in education, healthcare, financial services, or government agencies. 

Video learning and virtual learning opportunities can also be a differentiator for organizations looking to attract and retain talent. Harvard Business Review recently discussed how digital tools are starting to define the workplace experience for many potential jobseekers. “As this trend persists, the technology experiences that employers provide will more or less define the employee experience … As such, they’re becoming central in attracting and retaining new talent, fostering workplace culture, creating productivity, and more,” they noted.

Video learning and training is a way that organizations can differentiate themselves by creating more engaging experiences for employees and customers

More personalized and elevated experience 

Organizations can completely incorporate their own branding to create a truly customized experience for team members, clients, or other participants who use their video learning solutions. Truly customizable solutions allow organizations to completely incorporate key branding elements such as custom backgrounds and logos for specialized personalization, or a full build of the institution’s individual brand.

When video learning platforms offer organizations the ability to customize their own video learning hubs or classrooms to fit their specific training or learning structure, they have an opportunity to create a video learning portal that meets their exact needs. Giving administrators controls over the way they can structure their video learning is critical. With a customized system, organizations or schools can set up the video learning that works best for them, instead of having to adapt their methods to fit the constraints of a limited video conferencing app. 

Video learning solutions that use API-driven platforms offer more flexible experiences allowing organizations to add the features and integrations they need. This type of platform is extremely effective for LMS integrations, which provide a more comprehensive and seamless experience for training and education, whether in schools, agencies, or corporations. 

A customized video learning solution allows organizations to create a more immersive experience for participants, including better collaboration between learners and instructors. 

Higher level of security

When schools or organizations in specific industries need to offer video learning with strict security measures, advanced security with end-to-end encryption is a must. Video learning solutions that offer true secure connections and the ability to transfer recorded video classes and meetings securely to your own cloud, along with IT admin as well as host controlled access, build a higher level of trust with both internal and external users. Systems that allow organizations to use their own servers also add another layer of security. 

What to look for in a customizable solution 

When considering customizable video learning solutions, look for the following features that will provide a secure, effective, and personalized experiences for participants:

  • A Low code platform that allows organizations to build custom solutions with minimal programming.
  • The ability to customize the system with specific branding including logos, colors, and other brand identity elements.
  • Flexible features including full admin controls.
  • Advanced security connections and tools.
  • API integrations that allow seamless and easy connections with business tools and LMS 
  • Education-specific solutions that can optimize the learning experience for a variety of users and participants. 

With the Lumicademy platform, organizations can easily personalize and customize their own video conferencing solution to meet their specific needs and brand identity. Deliver a customized platform that incorporates seamless integrations, advanced quality audio and video and the highest web regulatory compliance & security standards for your secure collaboration, meetings, and training, and other experiences. 


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