Easy Workflow with Lumicademy & HubSpot

by | 11 May 2021

Lumicademy understands the need for workflow ease and live team collaboration, and is pleased to announce API integration with HubSpot. All of the HubSpot CRM tools you already use for automatic workflow and collaborative sales lead generation are now easily integrated with the Lumicademy live video meeting platform solution, including live document and screen sharing, whiteboarding and markup, chat and meeting recording. 

Our API-driven approach provides system administrators the access to easily add 3rd party integrations for seamless work experiences that support your sales teams, allow collaboration on marketing and advertising, and ultimately, grow your business. HubSpot, Slack and Canvas integrations are all currently available for Lumicademy. Smarter workflow, with HD video and crystal clear audio, that is thoughtfully designed to integrate cohesively with the popular consumer products and services that are used for the workplace environment.

Supercharge Your Sales Teams

HubSpot provides powerful functionality for Marketing and Sales teams. Coupled with the Lumicademy platform, live, face-to-face video helps teams foster better and more engaging relationships.

Connecting Lumicademy with the HubSpot API saves sales departments time and need for travel, creating the early customer discussions in an interactive environment. This allows people to engage, share and markup documents and use live whiteboards, all while working in a virtual meeting for better interactive customer and sales team collaboration. 

Working with clients in face-to-face interactions fosters trust and builds the next steps in a good client relationship. Lumicademy provides all the tools for live meetings, including the ability to chat in any language, reducing the communication barriers in real-time. Record and save your meetings for future customer reference and employee sales training. Get more done in less time by sharing over 70 different document types in your meetings, with tools to annotate and work on documents with colleagues.

Use the Lumicademy Platform to Start Your Secure, HD Video Meetings in HubSpot

Your team can create better products, stay ahead of the competition and contribute to your organization’s success by integrating your workflow all in one place. 


  • Real-time Document and Screen Sharing – Seamless integration for sharing over 70 document format types – no more scrambling to change files for your team. Share them immediately.
  • Document Annotation – Need to markup and change documents in real-time? Lumicademy provides easy-to-use annotation tools that allow you to edit documents while the whole team participates.
  • Whiteboarding – Need to draw, design, or create great business or learning ideas? Utilize the Lumicademy whiteboarding features with easy-to-use tools, for quick and productive teamwork.
  • Recording – Record meetings for later reference. View your collaboration information whenever you need it, with recorded video meetings.

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