Lumicademy Partnership Advantages

by | 5 Jan 2021

How companies are expanding education and training offerings to their clients by utilizing the Lumicademy platform

At Lumicademy, we partner with companies seeking to accelerate their success in education, learning management system integration, human resources and corporate training. Join us in creating a learning solution tailored and branded for your clients and company. 

Business Expansion & Integration

WIth the Lumicademy platform solution, you have the advantage of complete and direct integration with your current learning solution, providing a one-stop education offering to your customers. Lumicademy provides unlimited user expansion, so you can always meet your growing business and educational needs. Whether your clients are educators or corporate training institutions, they can utilize their current system tools, while also providing full HD video, crystal clear audio and the Lumicademy platform tools to bring together all components of an easy and synchronous learning environment. Learn more about partnering with Lumicademy.

Partner Customizations

Partners enjoy full brand customization in the Lumicademy platform. Your training and educational business services can have your logo and brand recognition on the Lumicademy platform. Lumicademy provides custom installers for Windows or Mac computers as well as your own custom versions for the Apple and Google app stores.   

Cloud and Data Center Controls

Lumicademy provides the choice between on-premise installation, hybrid cloud or full-cloud implementation, so that your system administrators and team can completely control where and how your learning platform operates. Bring your own data center or use Azure, Google or Amazon web services. 

The Power of Control & Security

Our platform solution offers complete control of all aspects of your meetings and conferences. Controlling video, audio, chat, sharing and user access, is fully managed by you. Your team also has complete access to all our APIs. We support your company by providing technical guidance and integration assistance from our developer team.

Lumicademy provides security and encryption levels specific to your business requirements, including government and military-grade security.

Developer Documentation and Guidance

Lumicademy provides developers and system administrators with a repository of documentation and guides to implement and manage all parts of the Lumicademy solutions. 

Clients that partner with us include:

  • Language learning institutions
  • HR staff & employee training organizations
  • Education solution providers
  • Higher education institutions
  • Corporate organizations that provide learning products and systems to their clients
  • Military and government

Join us and become a Lumicademy Partner today!

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