Lumicademy Introduces Chat For Online Language Learning

by | 8 Oct 2020

Chat language learning

Lumicademy has expanded its robust features offering to include live chat in their online learning platform solution. You can create a flexible chat audience, choosing to create a full room chat, a group chat or one-on-one chat. Offering full chat support for over 100 languages- from English, French, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin to Arabic and Farsi and many more, Lumicademy supports the language learning community, remote teaching educators and virtual learning students across the globe.

Designed for intuitive communication in your remote learning environment, the Lumicademy platform provides all the secure tools you need to teach effectively, with HD video and crystal clear audio. Lumicademy provides the teacher and student easy screen sharing, 70 format-types of document sharing, a real-time whiteboard with drawing, markup and annotation tools along with chat in their online meetings. Share, learn, collaborate and chat in any language.

Lumicademy Chat Features

  • Lumicademy users enjoy all the fun of their favorite emojis for greater expression of important things 
  • Chat live in an online video classroom – with an entire class, privately with only a small group of students or with just one student- it’s all up to you! 
  • Language learning students can fully engage and understand what is being taught in their virtual classroom environment, and Lumicademy makes it easier than ever before
  • Flexible audiences, intuitive design for Edtech – Start a group chat, one-on-one chat, or chat will everyone at once
  • Multiple language support – Left to right and right to left language support with global languages in Lumicademy chat

The ability to have chat conversations within a virtual classroom environment is important to the learning process. Chat provides teachers with the ability to help students on an individual level, creating engagement and understanding of the curriculum and working simultaneously with other students without having to move in or out of teaching tool products. All the learning tools including chat features are provided in one cohesive and secure platform for easier online learning.

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