The Top 3 Emerging Education Options in 2020

by | 8 Jul 2020

The hard realities of changing our educational structure were thrust upon institutions and educators across the globe with the rise of COVID-19. From the uptick in health concerns coupled with new and evolving educational needs, came the widespread adoption of remote learning.

The somewhat brutal jump to educating students online instantly in order to adequately ensure they received the education that our systems have instituted with their testing and achievement structures, was a difficult process to say the least. Many educators delved headlong into learning for themselves all the variances of technology, products, platforms and online lesson plans, in order to give their  students a cohesive as possible transition to the world of online learning. 

What happens after the rush to finalize the 2019/2020 educational year and move into the 2020/2021 academic year ahead?

Now that the rush to remote learning has somewhat subsided, it has allowed for a look back at what worked and what did not and how that will translate into the new academic year. There is a clear pattern emerging among educators- the three variable ways to educate and engage students in the fall. 

In Person/On Campus Class

Teachers are preparing by measuring 6 ft. for room between desks and allowing only a certain number of students per day. The remodel in classrooms that were not designed for distance is daunting and teachers are realizing how many times in one week they will teach the same curriculum. Keeping themselves and their students safe with sanitation has become another barrier to teaching and the actual classroom time will involve much less learning due to extra and constant vigilance for health concerns. Many educators are still unresolved on whether they can meet their district standards for each student as well as keep themselves safe, given the in-class and at-home issues that have to be addressed in order to provide students with a quality education. How will it play out?

Blended Learning Solutions

Blended learning may be the starting choice for educating in the fall, with synchronous and asynchronous learning models being adopted. The ability to educate in shifts at school institutions and also work with students online; these blended learning solutions are what many schools are preparing for this fall. Being able to synchronize the online modules with the classroom, needs a cohesive platform where students and teachers can share any document, speak face to face, annotate in real time and bridge the gaps between physical classroom learning and remote learning. Utilizing a platform solution that integrates easily with the systems already in place at school, is a must have for schools and administrators. Integrating an existing learning management system (LMS) with learning materials in class will need a platform that can support all types of learning and flow it into one centric and easy teaching and learning solution.

Online, Remote-Only Learning

For some educators and students, educating online is the number one choice for them due to the current pandemic. For others, they already choose to educate online because it suits time and family constraints, as well as work schedules and learning choices. No matter the learning tools used to educate from K-12 or college level education, many educators are finding that they have to log in and out of various software services in order to make all the moving parts work together. It’s clunky, difficult, time consuming and many software tools do not work together. 

Where will your institution stand strong or fall short with this year’s education goals?

A new way of learning has created the road map for bringing all online learning tools together, so that teachers can use learning management tools they love, in which their institutions have invested, and cohesively place them on a platform that will support secure, live, interactive classrooms with easy to use tools already in place.

The Lumicademy Advantage

The Lumicademy all-in-one platform solution brings learning modules together and supports the live engagement necessary to effectively educate students with remote learning. Teachers can screen share,  share any document or schoolwork with students, show markups and changes, and offer questions and answers in an engaging and real time classroom. The effective way to the future of remote learning comes with the Lumicademy platform solution that provides secure classrooms, live video and audio, and all the controls needed for administrators, educators and students to move into a new decade of learning. Administrators have complete controls, including secure cloud, institutional branding, API integration and much more when utilizing the Lumicademy all-in-one platform solution for education. 

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