Engage Privacy, Security and Control in Virtual Learning- Part 1

by | 16 Jul 2020


In our three-part blog series, Privacy, Security and Control in Virtual Learning, we delve into the three critical pieces of virtual learning which must drive the future of online education and corporate training. Privacy is the first critical piece for a safe and effective remote learning environment. 

What Are The Flaws in Remote Learning Technology?

Institutions need long-term learning solutions. As they move forward, the cracks in the online learning provider spaces are beginning to show that many online meeting products are not sufficient in protecting students, institution’s intellectual property or their staff and educators properly. These system wide problems need a solution that is not piece-worked together after the fact. Outside players accessing the classroom or proprietary content leaves these systems vulnerable.

Privacy is paramount to the teacher, trainer and student user experience, especially when minors are involved. System administrators in edtech have legal and institutional obligations with which to comply, as well as district or corporate standards. To comply with these standards, a built from the ground up platform model that includes solid privacy, security and control becomes necessary. Implementing a learning platform involves more than basic privacy, as we discuss below.

Why Privacy is Critical in Virtual Learning

Most Internet based meeting products connect with nebulous servers in the cloud.  In the cloud, these endpoints are servers that are usually controlled and operated by the meeting provider company.  As a user of the meeting service you have little knowledge or control over what happens to your meeting content, video and audio once it reaches these servers.

Access to your content could be viewed by outside entities, competitors, and other organizations.  Your intellectual property and online classrooms are under the control of meeting providers unrelated to your business or school, and you must trust them to keep your data and personal information safe.

Why Lumicademy is the Future of Learning

Lumicademy offers an entirely different approach to the issue of privacy.  We provide the customer the ability to deploy their own modules onto their own cloud servers that they manage, and they control. This is not just a proxy server that echoes video and audio data like those offered by some competitors, it includes all the routing of video and audio, shared screens, documents and content and even the process of recording your meetings and storing them on your own secure network.  You can choose to store your content on your secure cloud or your existing storage provider.

Simple Solutions

Our on-premise implementation is very easy to deploy, with little effort involved for the system administrator.  You can download the latest version of all the modules directly from our developer portal.  

Whether you are a systems administrator running an LMS for an educational institution, or you are an HR training administrator or consultant, Lumicademy offers a level of privacy, security and control far ahead of other solutions.

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