The Third Role in Distance Learning: The Host Moderator

by | 23 Jun 2020

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All you want to do is teach or participate in a distance learning class, but technical issues arise for several people in the class- how many times has this happened to you?  Teachers and students can encounter difficulty using online technology that varies with their technology experience and with the multitude of different technology products that each uses. Older laptops, newer headsets, computer privacy settings and accessibility are some of the reasons that create hurdles to a cohesive online learning experience. Do your teachers and students experience any of the following?

Remote Learning Technology Issues Encountered Frequently:

  • Difficulty controlling who can speak
  • Not sure how and whom can show their video
  • Uncertain who can share documents or what can or cannot be shared on screen
  • New users often encounter problems configuring their audio and video devices

Other Virtual Learning Issues Include:

  • Audio capture/playback device driver issues
  • Security and privacy settings on the device blocking access to audio and video devices
  • Teachers and students with their devices muted 
  • Audio echo can be experienced if the audio device is not setup or configured properly

Of course, we also add in the factors of Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, which can be set up with literally thousands of different external brands of headset and microphone audio devices. There are also many devices and drivers which are integrated within laptops or webcams. 

So many variances create a multitude of problems for students and teachers that are trying to conduct a smooth distance learning session. How can these problems be eliminated to provide an easy teaching and learning environment?

For these reasons it is important that your virtual classroom learning solution include the ability to observe and control all these aspects of the class.  The teacher should be teaching, the student should be learning, and neither should be stressed by technical issues. 

Learning Solutions Controls

Your potential learning solution should include all the necessary controls for addressing the issues listed above, as well as being accessible through either a separate “control” application or web interface. This will provide the third party moderator with the ability to manipulate and manage a live classroom while it is in progress. 

 These controls should be available within the product solution, as APIs,  so that they can be integrated into the process of learning and teaching. These processes can then be controlled by a human or machine AI.  The moderator or system administrator can interact directly with those experiencing technical problems, correct any issues and not interfere with the flow of teaching.

The Lumicademy platform was specifically designed with all of these concerns in mind.  It is much more than a virtual classroom, it also provides the important controls necessary to manage the entire classroom experience down to the very detail- those functions which are required to keep the education process moving smoothly.

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