Sustainable Education – The Virtual Learning Future

by | 5 Jun 2020

Isometric Virtual Learning

The leap into online learning may have created a strain for many educators, but it also brought along a ‘rise to the challenge’ for meeting the needs of their students. An unparalleled dedication continues to shine through the initial immersion into a new way of teaching and learning. The choices in learning tools have provided educators with options in how they teach, utilizing synchronous and asynchronous ways to provide students with a new learning experience. The difficulty for many has been the ability to bring all learning system options together. Addressing these challenges and advancing a productive learning plan as institutions move forward into the coming year and beyond, it is critical to maintain an educational infrastructure that provides real functionality and ease-of-use for both educators and students.

Virtual Learning Challenges:

  • Educators need to self-educate in technology tools, learning new software and adapting to new hardware- while teaching their students. Educators need easy-to-use tools.
  • Institutions need to provide solutions for the long term, such as platform tools that sustain and advance the educational protocols for continued virtual learning, while providing support for the teachers that use them.
  • Many instructors deal with outside issues for students such as connectivity, remote capabilities and software adjustments, in order for students to succeed.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning choices: With so many potential software options, can educators and system administrators bring them together to make a full suite of instructional avenues that work together? Can they use these tools to continually  create new instructional content for their students? 
  • Can the current LMS (learning management system) that is used by the institution, operate alone, or will it be best served by a platform that provides video, audio, document sharing, annotation and instructional tools for educating in order to offer a complete virtual learning experience?

Now that the crash course training in virtual learning has somewhat calmed, educators and administrators are seeking long term solutions that work for diverse learning environments.The substantial investment in learning management systems is an important reason why institutions are utilizing a platform-first solution for full engagement in learning. Rather than disjointedly piecing together all the parts necessary for a full virtual classroom experience, the educator can provide all of their learning processes on a single, robust platform.

Cohesive instruction in real-time has become a priority to educators seeking to engage students, use varied documents and materials and provide questions and answers during class. There is an important need to experience expression, share knowledge and classwork, and interact in real time. A sustainable educational model will include these opportunities for success.

With Lumicademy, Education Administrators Empower Their LMS. A platform-first approach can provide a catalyst for long term virtual learning.

Benefits From A Platform-First Solution:

  • The Lumicademy platform is adaptable to system administrators and educator’s needs: An institution can bring their LMS, and utilize the Lumicademy cloud or their own private cloud.
  • HD video and crystal clear audio: Essential features to succinctly engage with students
  • Tools: Immersive tools with the  capability to document share, screen share and annotate in real time.
  • Administrative Controls: Easily control all aspects of virtual learning rooms, from an administrative or educator level. With our platform APIs, you can customize every aspect of the features and capabilities that are presented to the attendees in your virtual class. Adjusting for student’s bandwidth and hardware is important to their engagement.
  • Top Security: Industry standard, end to end encryption. Keep your video and voice traffic inside your secure network, AND your document and screen shares. Deploy meeting recordings into your secure network and keep your recorded content in your secure environment.

A platform-first approach can provide a catalyst for long term virtual learning. Educational system administrators planning for the next generation of learning, can implement secure, cloud based learning with the versatility of APIs to create a solid and sensible approach to the future of virtual learning on the Lumicademy platform.

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