Private Cloud Features on Lumicademy

by | 17 Apr 2020

Lumicademy was created with versatility, ease and security in mind, in order to support businesses and educational systems with a fully robust set of tools for teaching and training. The Lumicademy Private Cloud provides a long term, easily integratable and secure solution to support your corporate or educational institution’s needs.

Keep all your voice, video and sharing content on your own secure network

Enjoy operating your own cloud modules in the Lumicademy system by downloading the Lumicademy Server. All your conferences will be created and take place on your own modules. This allows the opportunity to secure your conference room communications so that it takes place over your own secure network.                    .

Install Lumicademy on-premise or your own cloud provider to control availability

System administrators can operate their own cloud modules in the Lumicademy system. Simply download the Lumicademy Server and install it onto server resources at AWS, Azure, Google Compute or even your own servers in your datacenter. No more availability and uptime issues for meetings, and performance issues are easily controlled when you utilize Lumicademy.

Have better compliance with security and privacy requirements for certain industries

With Lumicademy, you can protect your users and meet corporate or educational institution security requirements for online meetings. Lumicademy provides true end-to-end security to the meeting experience and utilizes the latest industry standard protocols including transport layer security (TLS 1.3) and DTLS for voice communications.  Our APIs follow industry standard approaches by utilizing OAuth/2 for server to server communications. APIs are Rest based and implemented using OpenAPI 3.x which allows for easy integration directly into your development language of choice, so that our platform fits into your total solution. System administrators have the integration tools necessary to set security protocols according to their individual institution’s requirements. 

Lumicademy provides true end-to-end security to the meeting experience and utilizes the latest industry standard protocols including transport layer security (TLS 1.3) and DTLS for voice communications.

Improve user application experience using local networks and routing with lower latency

By taking advantage of your own dedicated cloud services you are not competing with other users in the cloud to provide your service to your customers.  Complete functionality and controls for all meetings are readily available when running in the Lumicademy private cloud. Your user experiences are easily managed on your LAN, allowing the flexibility and integration you need, when you need it.

Use your own custom branding, security certificates and domains

With your own private Lumicademy server you can provide your own customization to the application experience so that it fits with your network configuration including customizing the branding of the application experience, using certificates and domain names that match your organization.  To do this, you need to obtain TLS web certificates that match your domain and install them from the Integrations page of the Lumicademy Portal.

Geo-target your own servers to target your customer demographics

Regardless of where your user community resides, whether they are close by or geographically spread out around the world, you can install Lumicademy server modules in various locations to maximize performance and the overall user experience for those geographically dispersed users.  Lumicademy can automatically sense where the users reside and route them to the closest and best available resources to maximize the quality of their virtual classroom experience. Additionally systems administrators can implement Lumicademy in various clustering scenarios in the data center to adapt to virtually any network topology, security requirement or elasticity of scale.

Lumicademy’s API Resources & User Customization

The Lumicademy system consists of 3 top level resources: Conferences, Users and Content. Administrators can access multiple HTTP APIs, automatically updated in the documentation for administrators. With the core Lumicademy system, you create conferences using the HTTP APIs which act as a meeting room, classroom, etc. For each Conference you can optionally choose to create Users with the HTTP APIs. Users are able to join the Conference by using either a custom created URL or by knowing a given attendee password.

Users can be customized to allow access to features within the Conference based on user roles and individual privileges. In addition to customizations, active users’ settings can be directly manipulated by the APIs. These settings include audio and video state as well as the specific recording and listening devices the users are using during the conference.

With the many solutions offered in the Lumicademy private cloud, you can create your own university or corporate branded meetings, and manage them safely and securely for your entire team. 

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