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by | 17 Mar 2020

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Higher education through online learning is gaining wide acceptance and swiftly becoming necessary for teachers and students to continue their educational experience. The opportunity to educate students in a virtual learning environment can be challenging for those educators who are just beginning their online teaching. Having an effective and easy set of online teaching tools to enhance the virtual classroom is more important than ever for educators to be successful in a digital learning world.

With 48% of students learning online as of 2017, and over 59% of them having children, the virtual learning environment continues to grow at a substantial rate, year over year.

Many online educators are utilizing a variety of learning management systems for their higher education programs and are finding that these systems often do not have all of the tools that are necessary to provide real-time engagement in their virtual classrooms. With 48% of students learning online as of 2017, and over 59% of them having children, the virtual learning environment continues to grow at a substantial rate, year over year. [1]

Students with families as well as students who are employed and need flexible learning environments to suit their schedules find virtual learning resolves these challenges. With live virtual classrooms utilizing Lumicademy, the real-time interaction for instructors and students provides for easier conversation, interaction and learning of course materials.

Engage Students in Brighter Learning

Participation becomes elevated and student engagement increases when students are not isolated in their online instruction. Being able to actively speak with educators, ask questions and participate in an online classroom enables full interactive learning. Sharing instructional materials while annotating on documents helps students to follow along with a real classwork flow. Being able to actively see and hear expression, virtual classroom environments allow for more understanding and collaboration between teacher and student.

Lumicademy platform in action. Our team creates solutions and long-term plans for distance education

Bring Your Learning Management System

Many professors and students need immediate learning technology to allow for the teaching process to evolve outside the institution, while still experiencing the college environment. Lumicademy provides educators with the platform to create a dynamic learning experience where we offer customizable APIs that work with your LMS. The power to build community for your students while utilizing all the tools you need in real-time, is critical to the learning experience. HD quality video compliments your teaching, with college students asking questions and virtually learning in a community classroom environment.

By bringing your LMS to the Lumicademy platform, you gain dynamic real-time features for education.

  • Live interactive HD video classrooms
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Screen sharing for all
  • Supports sharing over 70 types of document formats
  • Collaborative drawing and annotation in real time with your students

The tools above give educators and students the opportunity to discuss and understand the curriculum. Through the Lumicademy platform, university learners connect with their instructors and peers in a way that builds face-to-face interactions in an easy-to-use virtual learning interface.

Education For All

Teaching online allows for students from all demographics to come together. There are no limits on distance or restraints on hours to learn, as classes can be run from anywhere and at any time. Lumicademy brings face-to-face interactions through the virtual classroom interface, providing an in touch learning environment while encouraging live collaboration.

Bridging the gaps of education for all, is part of the Lumicademy vision for a brighter learning future.




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