Introducing The Lumicademy Platform for Virtual Classrooms

by | 5 Mar 2020

Lumicademy is the platform solution for educators, system integrators and corporate trainers. The Lumicademy platform provides HD quality video, lip-synced audio, annotation and whiteboarding, screen sharing, the ability to share 70 different document formats and a complete set of APIs. Bring your LMS to the Lumicademy platform for synchronous and dynamic virtual learning. We know the investment you’ve made on your current Learning Management System, and by utilizing the Lumicademy platform, your organization gets more out of your initial solution with our interactive video and collaboration experience.

What Can Lumicademy Do For Your Organization?

For Educators

As higher education quickly moves into the convenience of distance learning, the bar is raised for high quality instructional platforms that can leverage the power of the learning management system by integrating the video, audio and screen sharing capabilities necessary to create a complete and cohesive learning environment. Lumicademy provides all this and more with our easy solution to help instructors and virtual learners collaborate in real-time and work together for educational success. Teach in a live and immersive online classroom that gives students and instructors the capabilities they need in a robust set of tools.

Rely on an interactive video classroom with our powerful collaboration tools, and bring  active learning to classes across the globe.

corporate training

For Your Corporate Training

Don’t let travel and time restraints hold back the employee training that is necessary to educate your staff. From certification training to legal compliance training, Lumicademy is the platform solution to bolster the power of your learning management system. With corporate staff members across the globe, companies can harness the power of a synchronous teaching platform with HD quality video, real-time annotation and screen sharing capabilities for interactive training sessions. With Lumicademy, your company branding is easily integrated into the system to support your goals and brand.

For System Integrators & Administrators

Whether you are developing an internal learning app for your educational organization or building a portal for your partners, Lumicademy provides the platform and support that LMS integrators and administrators can trust. We provide complete, end-to-end secure communications using the latest standards for TLS. Use our cloud or deploy your own. Effectively operate your own cloud modules in the Lumicademy system. Use your own domains and server certificates as well. With our easy tools, you simply bring in your brand identity and use your own product name, colors, and logo. Enhance your current learning management system with our complete set of APIs and seamlessly take advantage of the next generation of dynamic learning.

Build Your Virtual Classroom

Lumicademy looks forward to serving the needs of educators, corporate trainers and system administrators by bringing authentic face-to-face relationships and learning to your virtual education community.

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